First off, I have a quick update on what has happened in these past few weeks. We canceled our first boat because it was too broken and had to move into a hotel in Grenada. But we are not done sailing for this trip. We plan to sail from Grenada to Saint Vincent and also for two weeks in Antigua.

During our time in the hotel in Grenada we tried to find fun stuff to do in addition to having fun at our hotel beach. Dad and I went scuba diving on my birthday and we all saw monkeys on a hike in the mountains. But I think the coolest/saddest thing we did was the Hash Run.

The Hash Run is a noncompetitive run that a local running group organizes every week in a different place in Grenada. We got to the Hash Run 20 minutes late and Dad had to try to catch everyone. Mom and I sat and tried to play chess but there was nowhere to put the board. When the race was over they called up the first runners and did a ceremony that ended in everyone spraying the first time runners with beer. Dad got sprayed the worst. Then, Dad, Mom and I hung out with all the runners and had a good time until we found him.


This 6 week old puppy that we found at the Hash Run was put in a box to die by his “owner” because he didn’t know what was wrong with him. You could see every one of his ribs and he had a horrible case of mange. One of his eyes was so infected that it was closed shut. We picked him up and gave him some food and water. When we left the run and got to the hotel, we immediately looked for a Animal Shelter. And sure enough we found one called Grenada Society for the Prevention of cruelty to Animals or SPCA.

Mom called the SPCA and asked if we could bring this puppy in, they said yes. Mom then tracked down the owner of the puppy and he said we could have it. We only had one full day left on the island so we had to act quickly. We woke up early the next day and started driving the hour long drive to get there. I had to dive at 11:00 so we had to hurry. We called the owner to say we are coming, but a woman who works where the dog owner does answered. She said that the dog might be dead because she didn’t see it the day before.  She said that she would walk over and see if the puppy was still alive, which would take about 5 minutes. But it took 45 minutes for her to call back to say that she couldn’t find him. We were out of time and had to go back to the hotel and get ready for my dive. Thankfully, after my dive, we got a call from the owner. He said that the dog was still alive and we could come get it. It was about 2:00 at that time and the SPCA closed at 4:00. We had to race there, get the pup, and then race back to the shelter. We got there at 4:10 and everyone was leaving. They saw that we had a sick dog and got back to work. They gave him water, food and a place to sleep and said that they would examine him in the morning.

We called the next morning to check in. They said that he was in better shape after a good night sleep and something to eat. They gave him eye drops and medicine for his skin. They gave him a bath and more food and water. The puppy’s name is Woodrow. We were so thankful that the SPCA was there. These workers don’t get paid enough but still are so loving and caring. They are a nonprofit organization that gets funding by the government and people just like us. The SPCA is the reason why many animals are safe and sound in Grenada. If you want to check them out there website is https://www.facebook.com/GrenadaSPCA/timeline

At Animal Shelter                                Mom with a baby goat that got hit by a car

IMG_5608          IMG_5614

Car ride with Woodrow            At the shelter with Woodrow

IMG_5633 IMG_5637

4 thoughts on “Woodrow

  1. Amy Feingold March 13, 2015 / 11:24 pm

    Oh Jimmy, you have the biggest, most tender of hearts for such a young man. You certainly have a wonderful ability in your writing skills and I’m continually impressed and amazed at the incredible young man that you are. I’m so thrilled that you are having such a rich and exciting experience in your family adventure. Sure beats the heck out of sitting in a classroom, huh?


    • jimmycmcguire March 14, 2015 / 1:36 pm

      It sure does beat sitting in a classroom. Mom and Dad say hi to you and Alder and I hope we see you soon. Love you soooooooooo much.


  2. Jennifer Mcguire Henshaw March 16, 2015 / 5:49 pm

    Love this Jimmy! Couldn’t be more proud of you!


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